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Big ass Ghetto Gagger that looks like a yetti

This chick was a huge one. looking in the security camera upon her arrival, I was like who the F is this, Lebron James? Then she got in & got naked & let us do things to her no man ever did, edpecially two huge dicked white boys which thickens the plot like chicken fat. bottom line, degraded, facefucked, humiliated, pukin on a cock.

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– Duke Skywalker

Making whores puke

nothing betters than taking a whores head & stuffing your cock down her face until she gives you that look of surrender that says “Sir, I will do as you ask.” The sweet taste of WIN

Jayla Starr at Ghetto Gaggers

This cunt is a real cunt.  I hate her.  She tried to get all sassy during the shoot and it took every ounce of self control not to round house kick her fucking head off.  Little ghetto bitches like this is the reason why Ghetto Gaggers is so popular.  People love seeing those rubber necking hood rats get their world rocked.

The problem with this type of cunt is that she’s used to getting her way with her loser tricks.  They probably bend over backwards for her when she throws that black ass around the town.  We could care less about her.  She’s just an update to us.  We don’t care if she leaves the studio and gets abducted by aliens.  As long as we got what we needed, we’re all set.

Ok… enough about this dumb cunt’s personality disorder.  Let’s talk about the good stuff.  We fucked her up.  Personally, I would have went overboard… and by “overboard” I mean we should have wrapped up some oranges in a sack and just wailed on her with them.

On a side note, she should take some of her money and buy a tube of Clearasil.  Her face looked like a pamphlet written in braile.  She must be deep frying all the loads before eating them.  Fucking whore!

Click Here to see Jayla Starr at Ghetto Gaggers

– Duke Skywalker

Jensie at Ghetto Gaggers

I like to consider myself an equal opportunity abuser.  For instance, Jensie… she may look normal, but she’s really a freak of nature.  I still hired her, though.  I guess I’m a true humanitarian.

People see her and asked, “Duke… she looks like any other ghetto skank you shot, what’s fucked up about her?”

Here’s a hint… most people can count to 10 using their fingers and thumbs.  She can not.  The highest she can count to is 9.  I will be honest, I did have concerns about hiring her, though.  I mean… I don’t want my sites to turn into a freak show where we’re constantly hiring retards and cripples, you know?  Red suggested me make her wear mittens, but I don’t think that would have worked out too well.

There were times during the action where I had to wince.  Seeing her wrap her ET fingers around Red’s cock make me vomit a little in my mouth.  You ever see those games where you put in 50 cents and try to use that mechanical crane to pick up a stuff animal for your girlfriend?  It was like that.  Either that or it looked like some eagles claw with it’s dinner secured.

Aside from her hand being absolutely repulsive to look at, she was an excellent performer.  At one point, she noticed me staring and said, “It’s really not that big of a deal.”  I did my best to not laugh out loud, but without thinking I replied, “Why do you think God hates you?”

I think that kinda struck a nerve.  I quickly changed the subject by following up with, “Ok guys… dump you loads on this whores face so we can wrap it up.”


– Duke Skywalker

Brown Sugar at Ghetto Gaggers

Mmm… brown sugar.  It sounds sweet, doesn’t it?  Well, get ready to be disappointed because our version of Brown Sugar is just a fat black skank with rolls on her belly than a baker can make in a day.  On a scale of 1 to 10, she’s almost on the scale.  A couple hundred sit-ups, some proper dieting and a course in applying make-up and I might not be embarrassed to be seen with her.  Well, I take that back… she is still a whore.

Anway, Brown Sugar’s ass has definitely seen it’s share of traffic.  You can always spot the girls who do anal when they spread their butt cheeks and you can see what they ate last Wednesday.  Brown Sugar had corn.

She took the full on abuse with no sass… which is odd for the black chicks.  My guess is that she probably hates herself and the only way she can feel anything is by being treated like shit.  Her family probably hates her.  I can see their point.

I wish I had a witty and  interesting story to tell you about Brown Sugar, but truth be told… she was just an easy shoot that went well.  She did what she was told, didn’t complain and left immediately after (some whores want to hang around and chat like we’re old war buddies or something).  Brown Sugar, washed up, gathered up her clothes and bounced.

Duke is very happy.


– Duke Skywalker

Nadiaa Nasty

Today, a cute black chick came in to shoot for Ghetto Gaggers.  Just as you would expect, we did a real number of her.  She was forced to suck cock and gag.  There was plenty of attempted deep throating and of course, the rough sex that we’re known for.

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Stacy Adams

Stacy Adams Ghetto Gaggers

If you’re a fan of black and interracial porn, surely you know of Stacy Adams.  She’s that black chick with the huge natural tits and baby face.  Well, we just shot a scene with her for Ghetto Gaggers and it came out awesome.  Warning, though, this one is not for the squeemish.  She tossed her cookies so many times that we lost count.  Let’s just say that it’s obvious that she has a pretty sensitive gag reflex.

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