Lainna at Facial Abuse

Could you imagine having to go through life as a tiny, fat and ugly whore like Lainna?  I surely wouldn’t wish that on anyone.  I guess I’m just in a bit of a mood today.  I was looking through the photos of Lainna during her Facial Abuse shoot and I have to ask myself why she thought wearing a schoolgirl outfit was going to be a good idea.  I mean, really, look at her.  She’s chubby.  Who fantasizes about fat broads in schoolgirl outfits?  I certainly do not.

Anyway… the show must go on, right?  Aside from her numerous flaws, Lainna is actually a pretty good sport.  She’s terrible at deep throating cock (as you’ll see when the barf stops flying out).  She’s a novice at taking dick in her ass, too… but at least she tried.

I guess, now thinking about, there’s nothing that she does well.  I take that back.  She is good at being a useless degenerate whore.  I love that quality in a woman.


– Duke Skywalker

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