Submissive Indian


I just love it when the rare Indian whore is found. It’s always fun because when they don’t smell like dog food & curry, they really do make good whores. They listen very well. See her at Facial Abuse

Phil Baroni The New York Bad Ass

The New York Bad Ass, Phil Baroni is one of the toughest guys in the sport hands down.
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Big ass Ghetto Gagger that looks like a yetti

This chick was a huge one. looking in the security camera upon her arrival, I was like who the F is this, Lebron James? Then she got in & got naked & let us do things to her no man ever did, edpecially two huge dicked white boys which thickens the plot like chicken fat. bottom line, degraded, facefucked, humiliated, pukin on a cock.

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– Duke Skywalker

Making whores puke

nothing betters than taking a whores head & stuffing your cock down her face until she gives you that look of surrender that says “Sir, I will do as you ask.” The sweet taste of WIN

Tabitha James at Anal Recruiters

Lord help me… this girl is a total fucking skank.  Her ass has seen it’s share of intruders, that’s for sure.  I almost feel sorry for her.  She’s going to be shitting in a bag by the time she’s 30.  Her ass muscles must be so loose from the constant pounding that there’s no way she’s going to be able to hold her shit.  Sure, it’s all fun and games now but wait til she’s shitting herself in line at the super market because of her days of being an anal skank.

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– Duke Skywalker

Valerie at Sperm Suckers

Whenever a girl comes into the studio and wants to shoot for Sperm Suckers, I ask them if they swallow cum in their personal life.  Some do, some don’t.  The ones that don’t are hired on the spot.  I do this because I like to watch their face as they chug down the slime.  They fucking hate it… and it makes me feel so powerful.  Most  wince like they’re trying to swallow battery acid.

Valerie hates the taste… so making her eat it over and over again is just fucking cruel, and by cruel… I mean fucking AWESOME.

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– Duke Skywalker

Cathia at Porn Addict

I sent that fucking retard, Jimmy Hooligan, down to Florida for a porn convention and he came back with a box full of videos of him fucking chicks.  He was supposed to be down there promoting my company, but instead he’s out and about trying to get his cock sucked.

Apparently, he was handing out business cards that he’s some fashion photographer or something.  Then, when chicks came to his room, he would feed them a line of bullshit about something or other and try to get them to fuck on camera.  Most girls walked out, but he actually found one stupid enough to do it.  Her name is Cathia and she’s an idiot.

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– Duke Skywalker